50% designer, 50% artist – 100% shea antoinette

My name is Shea Antoinette and I’m a graphic designer and graphic artist.

My specialties are digital and traditional illustrations, branding, layout, typography, and concept design. I studied at the Art Institute of Dallas to become a full-fledged graphic designer and I have been an artist practically since the day I was born. I love to put my hand skills to work, but lately I’ve become very fond of digital mediums. I am a hard worker, a quick learner, a creative thinker, a goal setter, and some may even call me an overachiever. Although I may be dominantly right-brained (I am a left-handed artist after all), I consider myself a proud owner of helpful left brain qualities such as my ability to think logically and critically, my love, skill and knowledge for many things mathematical and scientific, and my attention to detail.

Be sure to check out my poster project! CLICK HERE to view.

contact info

dallas, texas
(972) 808-6806

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available for
freelance work